Cooling System

The Cooling System consists of one Zero Point Ramp, one controlled blower ramp and one or two uncontrolled Cooling Ramps.

The Blower and Cooling Ramps are available with central fan and controlled dampers per flue or individual fans.

Zero Point Ramp

Zero Point Ramp, consisting of

  1. pressure transmitters incl. life auto zero calibration every hour
  2. PLC control and local operator display
  3. Wireless network connection

Controlled Blower Ramp

Controlled Blower Ramp, consisting of

  1. central fan or individual fans per flue
  2. VVVF controlled
  3. individual dampers and actuators for each flue
  4. zero point control, fully automatic

Uncontrolled Cooling Ramp

The uncontrolled Cooling Ramp consists of

  1. central fan or individual fans
  2. 1 or 2 boots per flue