ProClean Fume Treatment Centre

Innovatherms ProClean Dry Adsorption Fume Treatment Plants combine proven technologies with advanced technical features and control strategies. Due to the modular design it can be adopted to a wide range of flow volumes.

Key Figures:
Waste Gas volumes 40.000 – 160.000 Nm3/h
Dust emission < 5 mg/Nm3
HF emission < 0,5 mg/Nm3 SO2-removal > 45 %

Process Stages:

  • Cooling tower for conditioning und cooling of fume gases (Stage I)
  • Alumina injection into filter distribution channel and reactor ducts (Stage II)
  • Filtration (Stage III)

Auxiliary Equipment:

  • Primary and secondary alumina transport system
  • Recirculation system for reacted alumina
  • Blower and compressor station
  • Pump and valve station for water supply cooling tower
  • Spark Detection System
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Process Control System (Feed back and Feed forward control Firing system and FTC)

Ductwork and gas flow:

  • Main Fans
  • Waste gas and clean gas ducts
  • Distribution channels and reactors
  • Stack
  • By-Pass ducts
  • Emergency stack