Preheat System

Preheat System

The preheat system consists of one exhaust ramp and one measurement ramp. The main task of this system is the total burn- out of the tar volatiles.

Exhaust Ramp including:

  1. automatic damper control for each flue
  2. flue temperature control for each flue
  3. main temperature control
  4. main draft supervision
  5. Opacity sensor for pitch burn detection and optimization
  6. Flexible boot, high temperature resistant up to 900 °C
  7. PLC control

Measurement Ramp

The Measurement Ramp includes the following components:

  1. draft sensors with “life auto-zero” calibration every hour, free of maintenance
  2. flue temperature sensor type N for each flue
  3. independent PLC control, no wire connections to Exhaust Ramp